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Expats in £46m benefits scandal

The Daily Express, 21 | 06 | 2010 - Noticia

MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being sent to Britons living in the sun who claim they are too sick to work
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Tories target expats to secure election victory

The Olive Press, 09 | 04 | 2010 - Noticia

The Conservatives have singled out expat voters living in Spain as crucial to the upcoming general election
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Expat guide to Spain: health care

The Telegraphe, 24 | 03 | 2010 - ¿?

Don’t feel the pain in Spain. In the second of a series of expat guides, Peter Pallot writes on the best approach to Spanish health care for British expatriates
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EU residents still fear registering on their local ‘Padron’ in Spain

Typically, 01 | 02 | 2010 - Noticia

Most of the EU residents in Spain live along the costas
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Majority of british expats in Spain have considered returning home

The Leader, 21 | 01 | 2010 - Noticia

In a recent survey, carried out by a financial services company, it was surprising to find that 74 per cent of those living in Spain have considered moving back to the UK. The reasons seems to be the economic crisis which has meant falling property prices, a weak pound, and fears over job security which has made those living in Spain rethink the move
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Good life ‘turns sour’ for many expats in wake of sterling’s fall, survey finds

International Adviser, 21 | 01 | 2010 - Noticia

Expatriate Britons are struggling to cope with the mostly weakening pound in a number of key offshore markets, a survey by foreign exchange provider Moneycorp has found, with those in Spain described as suffering the most
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Recession still driving expats home, 22 | 12 | 2009 - Noticia

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Catral Residents Protest Against 1% Tax

Round Town News, 10 | 12 | 2009 - Noticia

Over 300 people descended on the Catral Town Hall on Wednesday to protest against the administration’s plans to impose a 1% tax on illegal home owners to pay for the inclusion of their homes on the PGOU, or general plan of the town. The residents, the majority of whom are pensioners, say that they do not have the money to pay the tax and don’t see why they should pay to put their homes onto the plan as they bought them in good faith
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Retirees consider fleeing abroad, Alliance & Leicester finds

Financial Times, 23 | 11 | 2009 - Reportaje

With the cost of retirement in the UK estimated to hit more than £400,000 UK expats are choosing to retire abroad, according to findings from Alliance & Leicester International (ALIL)
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€944 million in expats tax refund entitlements in Spain, 23 | 11 | 2009 - Reportaje (Mathew Walters)

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