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Fascists gunning for expat vote, claim rivals

Costa Blanca News, 04 | 06 | 2009 – Noticia

Brits ‘being duped’ under guise of Conservatism

An Extreme right wing party claiming to have the backing of the British Conservative Party at the EU parliamentary elections on June 7 has come under fire this week amid accusations of electoral opportunism.

Alternativa Española (AES), which is backed by apologists of the dead fascist dictator Francisco Franco, is in the spotlight before the Sunday ballot after Conservative MP Daniel Hannan asked Britons living in Spain to vote for the party at the EU parliamentary elections.

As reported by CBNews, Mr Hannan wrote an article in The Daily Telegraph two months ago supporting the AES party. His comments were then posted on the AES party’s website and the alleged links with the British Conservative Party used as proof of mainstream support for the group.


Mr Hannan appeared to backtrack last week when he was quoted in The Guardian newspaper as saying he was not aware of AES’s links extreme right wing organisations. “If it can be proven, we shouldn’t have anything to do with them,” he said.

The debate heated up as Parcent deputy mayoress Jacqui Cotterill, a candidate for the liberal CDL party, wrote to the Shadow Foreign Minister William Hague MP this week, warning him that Brits were being duped into thinking the British Conservative party supported AES.

Aes Reply

Costa Blanca News, has been contacted by AES requesting to make a follow statement regarding this artiicle based on its opposition’s comments:

“AES is a party which defends Life, the Family, the sovereignty of the states and the Christian roots in Europe. We also stand for resolving the individual and collective personal dramas caused by the land grab law, helping people who bought properties in good faith. Our compromise wiht the British residents is Spain is based on: 1- Rights for Foreign Residents 2- Fight Political Corruption 3-Stop the Land Grab Laws 4-For a Europe of Nations. Xenophobia or racism have no space in AES because of its Christian values. Our national leader has been recently interviewed by Spanish radio channel COPE and a lot of intelectuals have given their support to AES. AES has absolutely no links to extreme right wing organisations.”

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