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CDL Promises New Deal

Round Town News, 4 | 06 | 2009 - Noticia

Candidates from Spain’s newest political party Centro Democratico Liberal were busy campaigning on the Costa Blanca aiming to revolutionise the country’s stagnating democracy.The CDL aims to take the middle ground and offer a real alternative to the Partido Popular and socialist PSOE and in Brussels ally itself with European Liberals, the union’s third largest political force.

At a meeting with residents in Benissa, party leader Sean O’Curneen Canas and Deputy Mayor of Parcent Jacqui Cotterill – number four on the CDL list for Sunday’s poll – met residents and discussed the notorious ‘land grab’ laws and the lack of justice for victims.

Later, Jacqui and CDL officers met an international audience – and in line with a CDL commitment to encourage open participation – encouraged a lively debate over such matters as urban planning abuse, agriculture, local democracy, and a need for transparency over the pay of MEPS.
Born in the United States, Sean has an Irish father and Spanish mother, and is the first non-Spanish head of a national party in the country’s political history.


Currently the Secretary General of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, he has been working with a group of Spaniards over the last two years to establish a centrist liberal democratic party.

He said the CDL would uphold the rights of all European citizens, protect the environment and champion sustainable renewable energy, and back small and medium enterprise.

“The CDL is a Spanish party, whose members are profoundly upset with the state of Spain’s politics, democracy and economy,” said Sean.

“We believe that the manner in which the big two parties in Spain conduct their politics is corrosive for Spanish democracy and we aim, with the help of our European allies, to introduce to Spain a more positive, constructive and mature form of politics.”

Sean, who grew up in Madrid and considers himself Spanish, added: “We believe that the PP and PSOE have allowed Spanish politics to stagnate. Having elections every few years does not make a democracy – you also need an effective judicial system, which in Spain is collapsing because of years of political interference, massive underinvestment, and a growing number of cases.”


And he said Spain also needed a strong and dynamic civil society to help elected representatives stay in touch with people’s concerns but also undertake a supervisory role to help prevent corruption and the abuse of power.

Sean maintains the Spanish economy has been “mismanaged on grand scale” and it was irresponsible to allow it to rely so heavily on two areas – construction and tourism.

“A balance needs to be found and Spain needs to produce more. We want to make small and medium sized enterprises, the self-employed, scientists and innovators, teachers and professors, and the creative industries, play a much bigger role,” he said. “Only through greater diversification will Spain’s economy thrive.”

And he said the CDL was also the most pro-European party in Spain and would fight for the rights of all European Union citizens.“It is unacceptable that while the EU takes down barriers, they reappear in other forms at national, regional or local level. We will defend those rights just as much for Spanish citizens moving to other EU countries as for EU citizens choosing to settle in Spain.”

Sean said the CDL understood and cared for EU citizens living in Spain and was determined to work for everyone living in Spain, regardless of their nationality.

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