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An expat in the court of King Europe

Sur in English, 22 | 05 | 2009 – Artículo de Opinión (Lenox Napier)

The Spanish aren’t very interested - officially speaking - in the British these days. The ‘crisis’, no doubt. We used to have residence cards but now we have to carry an absurd un-foldable green A4 document together with our passports at all times (my, how they laughed in the ministry when they thought of that one). Many of our houses have been declared illegal (since we have no champion to defend us, apart from the lawyer who’s probably working both sides) and we can’t obtain the justice, support or even information and protection we need.

This in the Spanish bit of Europe, in the year 2009.

So, along come the European elections and a chance to raise some of these issues. Unlike the national and regional elections, we are allowed to vote, although normally the choice is between the PP (who was recently clobbered in Brussels for its ‘land grab’ program in Valencia) and the PSOE (illegal homes and even entire ‘urbanisations’ across Andalucía, plus the appalling Prior business in Almeria). Beyond that, there’s the usual Marxist/Leninist gang (who will nationalise our remaining properties and sub divide them), the Legalise Marijuana Party (who’ll get the day wrong), the Young Fascist Movement (who will toss all of the foreigners out of the country) and a couple of other oddities who, like the Monster Raving Loony Party, show up on these occasions.

The votes won’t take so long to count either, as only about 27% of the Spaniards who can cast a vote will be bothering to, according to the surveys of these things. However, as usual, nobody has thought about the Northern Europeans; and for once, we are going to make a difference.

Of course, many if not most of us who live here will not be voting in the Europeans. We didn’t register with our town halls or we didn’t fill in the inevitable form to be able to vote. However, around 300,000 of us did and having asked for the vote we will, one can only presume, show up on the day. That is, on Sunday the 7th of June. For once, our vote is going to make a difference!

If we split ourselves up between the forty odd parties who are seeking to have a voice in Europe and to represent Spain and the Spaniards (but not, sadly, the foreigners who live here), we won’t achieve much.

So let’s all vote for the same candidate.

And who better, than one of our own! The candidate for the Spanish Liberal Democrats - the CDL - is an ex-pat called Sean O’Curneen. He was raised in Madrid by his Irish father and Spanish mother, has a British wife and, as he says, ‘a European daughter’. He worked in the London town hall for several years before transferring to Brussels where he has worked as the ‘Secretary General of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the EU Committee of the Regions’.

Imagine what he could do for us if we managed to get him into the European parliament.

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