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Let there be light

Costa Blanca News, 29 | 05 | 2009 – Noticia

Labour party MEP Gary Titley has agreed to investigate the situations of many British expats and other EU-residents living in homes without an electricity supply or on a builder’s supply.

He visited Orihuela Costa this week to support the local Socialist party (PSOE) and to encourage residents to vote in the next European elections on June 7.

The conference was attended by more than 100 residents - mainly expats but also Spaniards - from Orihuela and Torrevieja area.

They spoke with Mr Titley after the conference and explained their dramatic situation for over two hours.

People also asked questions about healthcare for non-working early retirees living in Spain and disability living allowances.

Although Mr Titley has decided not to stand for re-election, he vowed he would look into the issue through his group in the EU-Parliament.

He reminded the issues are the responsibility of member states but the EU can raise questions and pressure the authorities about the matter.

Mr Titley admitted the matter was complex and did not make any promise of solving the problem.

The announcement came as residents of the apartments in El Pinet urbanisation in La Marina de Elche were cut off on May 20, leaving many of them also without water.

Mr Titley is collecting the details of all expats living with such electricity supply problems to look into the issue properly.

He asked them to send their names, the urbanisation, contract numbers with Iberdrola (if any) and how many expats are affected to ¡ Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra los robots de spam, necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla ¡


CBNews consulted with the British Embassy on Thursday morning regarding healthcare provisions for early retirees, which confirmed there had been no further advance on what has been published to date.

Their website states: “Following a meeting with the Valencia healthcare authorities we are able to provide updated information on the new ‘monthly quota’ scheme. This scheme only affects those who were not covered for healthcare through an E121, E106 or by contributing to the Spanish social security system.”

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3 Responses to “Let there be light”

  • cliff carter responded:

    HEALTH CARE IN VALENCIA for EARLY RETIREES or other so called “Private Patients” under the new law “Ley 6/2008, de 2 de junio, de Aseguramiento Sanitario del Sistema Sanitario público de la Comunitat Valenciana”

    The promised Monthly Quota System has now been approved (25 Sept 2009)

    People under 65, actually resident in Valencia, whom so wish, may contribute 270 Euros once every three months to get State Health cover in Valencia with no restrictions on pre existing conditions.

    For those over 65 the rate will be 330 Euros once every three months. EU citizens with a valid E121 do not of course need to pay.

    The cover will extend to all of Spain but not the rest of Europe.

    Those people on a very low income can apply for free cover.

    I do not yet know the details of how and where to apply for this cover.

  • cliff carter responded:

    DECRETO 149/2009, de 25 de septiembre,por el que se regula el convenio de asistencia sanitaria a pacientes privados. [2009/10952]

    El presente decreto tiene por objeto regular el acceso a las
    prestaciones sanitarias del sistema sanitario público de la Comunitat
    Valenciana mediante la suscripción voluntaria del convenio de asistencia
    sanitaria a pacientes privados, previsto en el artículo 13, apartado
    7, de la Ley 6/2008, de 2 de junio, de la Generalitat, de Aseguramiento
    Sanitario del Sistema Sanitario Público de la Comunitat Valenciana.

    Para suscribir el convenio de asistencia sanitaria a pacientes privados
    será necesario el cumplimiento de los siguientes requisitos:
    a) Solicitar la suscripción del convenio de asistencia sanitaria ante
    la dirección territorial de la conselleria competente en materia de sanidad,
    que corresponda por el domicilio del solicitante. La solicitud se
    formulará en el modelo oficial aprobado al efecto por la conselleria
    competente en materia de sanidad.
    b) Estar empadronado en cualquiera de los municipios de la Comunitat
    Valenciana, con una antigüedad mínima de seis meses
    c) No tener la obligación legal de cotizar a la Seguridad Social o a
    cualquier otro sistema de previsión sanitaria pública, español o extranjero.
    d) No poder acceder a la condición de beneficiario de un sistema
    de protección sanitaria pública a cargo de la Seguridad Social u otra
    entidad pública, española o extranjera

    La suscripción del convenio determinará la obligación de abonar,
    desde la fecha de efectos y mientras se mantenga su vigencia, las
    cuotas económicas el importe de la cuota trimestral:-

    1º. Personas de menos de 65 años: 270 €/trimestre.
    2º. Personas de 65 o más años: 330 €/trimestre.
    Las cuotas se abonarán mediante domiciliación bancaria

    Para las personas que, con posterioridad a la fecha de entrada en
    vigor de este decreto, figuren en situación de alta en el SIP y estén
    acreditadas en la modalidad de extensión a demanda, la prórroga de extensión a demanda caducará una
    vez trascurrido el plazo de veinte días hábiles siguientes a la entrada en vigor de este decreto.

    Queda expresamente excluido de la cobertura asistencial del
    convenio el acceso a prestaciones sanitarias fuera del territorio español

  • cliff carter responded:

    EXTRACT IN ENGLISH OF :- Valencia Decree 149/2009.

    Decree 149/2009 on 25 September, is the convention regulating state health care to “private patients”, in Valencia.

    This decree aims at regulating access to the health benefits of the public health system in the Autonomy of Valencia (Spain)through a voluntary subscription agreement under the convention regulating state health care to “private patients” defined under Article 13, paragraph 7, of Law 6/2008 of 2 June, Health Assurance under the Public Health Service of the Valencia Autonomy

    To subscribe to this health care agreement for private patients it will be necessary to meet the following requirements:
    a) Request subscription to this health care agreement at
    the territorial address of the competent Regional Ministry of Health, -dirección territorial de la conselleria de sanitat- appropriate for the applicant’s address. The official application form will be approved by the Ministry responsible for health. Conselleria de sanidad
    b) Be registered and actually resident for a minimum of six months in any of the municipalities in the autonomy of Valencia.
    c) Have no legal obligation to pay into the Social Security or any other public healthcare system, Spanish or foreign.
    d) Be unable to obtain beneficiary status of the
    public health protection system of the Social Security or other public entity, Spanish or foreign.
    The application must be accompanied by:

    a) official identity document:
    National Identity Card, passport etc

    b) Proof of registration and residence in the Valencian Community, by providing the following documents:
    1º Registration certificate -Certificado de empadronamiento- showing the age of the registration of at least six months Where possible the registration accreditation requirement may be given by electronic means or by electronic pre- consent.
    2 º. Residence Certificate -Certificado de residencia- issued by the competent authority of the municipality of residence or, failing that, any other documentation to prove residence.

    3 º. For foreigners, in addition to the two preceding paragraphs, you must be in possession of any of the following documents:
    NIE identity card as a foreigner, or resident card or certificate of registration in the Central Register of Foreigners or any other document proving legal residence in Spain.

    c) Tax ID number assigned by the administration for
    Spanish tax purposes.

    d) Statement from your bank, with the banking details needed to make the direct debit payment.

    The signing of the agreement determines an obligation to pay, from the start date and while the agreement remains in effect, a quarterly fee of :-

    1. 270 € / quarter (ie every 3 months). For persons under 65 years old.
    2. 330 € / quarter(ie every 3 months). For people 65 or more years old.
    The fees must be paid by direct debit.

    For people who, subsequent to the date of entry into
    force of this decree, had a SIP medical card which was accredited under the -extension of demand mode- extensión a demanda and had been extended, then this extension will expire twenty working days after the entry into force of this decree.(Which will be before the 29th October 2009)
    It is expressly excluded, any access to health service coverage outside the Spanish territory.

    Cliff Carter

    Full text in Spanish

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