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PSOE Says Thanks!

Round Tow News, 11 |06 | 2009 - Noticia

The European Elections have caused some controversy this week, the biggest shock, of course, is the vote for the BNP in the North West of England, landing party leader Nick Griffin with an MEP position. Having come from that very constituency and having also recently met the previous Labour MEP, Gary Titley, a man who has worked tirelessly for the people in his constituency for many years, I find it very scary that a politician from such a far right wing party as the BNP will now be the person that my parents will have to approach should they seek help or guidance in European matters.

It really is incredible and a sad indictment of the dire state of politics in the UK today. Thankfully, I no longer live in the UK and it appears that here in Spain, the European elections have proved quite positive for the country’s political parties. One such party is the PSOE party of Orihuela Costa. They, through the Round Town News, wish to take this opportunity to publicly thank the residents of Orihuela Costa for placing their confidence in the PSOE of Orihuela Costa and also for recognising their hard work over the past two years and more.

Serious Issue

The PSOE party came first in four of the six polling tables in Orihuela Costa and considers these results to be an endorsement of their politics of condemning the urban barbarity and lack of public services that have been inflicted upon the area by the ruling PP party. PSOE Councillor for the Coast, Rosa Martinez told RTN; “We believe that these election results fully support our integration initiative. We want to give our thanks to those residents of Orihuela Costa who deposited their vote for the PSOE. By doing so, our hard work and constant efforts to improve life for all those living on the coast has been acknowledged.”

Sadly, only 3.3% of foreign residents living on the coast cast their vote at the election. Rosa continued; “Only 3,500 international residents of the 25,000 on the census pursued their right to vote and of this 3,500, only 836 actually voted, that is only 3.3% of the international residents who voted.” She added; “This is a serious issue for us; throughout our “Vote!” campaign, we have urged international residents to take part in the politics of the municipality with our campaign slogan: “You only count if you vote!” Rosa concluded; “The PSOE will continue our work to ensure that the residents of Orihuela Costa realise the importance of their vote and know how to obtain their right to vote.”

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