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Retirees consider fleeing abroad, Alliance & Leicester finds

Financial Times, 23 | 11 | 2009 - Reportaje

With the cost of retirement in the UK estimated to hit more than £400,000 UK expats are choosing to retire abroad, according to findings from Alliance & Leicester International (ALIL)

France (18 per cent) is the most popular retirement destination for expats followed by Spain (13 per cent) and then the UK (12 per cent), the provider reported.

However while 88 per cent of expats intend to retire abroad, access to UK-based family and friends still appears to be important with 57 per cent intending to retire in Europe, Alliance & Leicester International found.

One in 10 expats cited being away from family and friends as a major barrier to retiring outside the UK.

Expats told ALIL they intended to fund their new lives in the sun through a variety of methods including savings (27 per cent), UK state pension (23 per cent) and private pensions (20 per cent).

Property was identified as a big source of retirement funding for expats with 6 per cent telling ALIL they relied on rental income, 6 per cent intending to sell a residential investment and 2 per cent planning to take out an equity release plan.

When considering the key factors that contribute to the chosen retirement destination, better quality of life was voted top (21 per cent), better weather came second (20 per cent) and value for money third (14 per cent).

Lynette Byrne, head of marketing at Alliance & Leicester International, said: “It is interesting to see that many UK expats have settled in their new home, with 87 per cent of UK expats intending to retire abroad.

“However, while some Expats might prefer life outside the UK, they are still very attached to friends and family thus settling in European destinations that are only a low cost flight away.

“This research really highlights the international nature of society today and raises some interesting questions as to how people are going to manage their finances and protect their savings against interest rate fluctuations.”

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