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Residents of Chiclana to march on Saturday

Typically Spanish, 17 | 03 | 2010 - Noticia

The event is organised by the ‘Chiclana Plataforma’ against what they consider to be abuse by the Town Hall

On Saturday 20th March at 11am there is going to be a March leading from the Bullring in Chiclana walking through Retortillo, Calle Dr.Pedro Velez and past the old Town Hall towards the New Market and Square where a meeting will take place.

The March is being held by the “Chiclana Plataforma” which represents a group of Neighbourhood Associations which have come together to defend themselves against the abuses of the Council and represents thousands of people. Anyone who wishes to support the Causes of this would be most welcome to join this apolitical demonstration. Please come along and give your support!

Residents living in Chiclana Centre are being informed that the Plataforma and the people it represents want them to pay for the Urbanisation of the campo which is clearly a lie and this is simply trying to stir-up ill feeling towards those living in the Campo. All the people living in the Campo/represented by the Plataforma want is:-

a) to have mains water,sewage removal and rainwater removal but at a reasonable cost.
b) to be given a reasonable time to pay these costs not the short periods currently stated.

The Mayor and Council want to charge the homeowners living in illegal houses in the outskirts of Chiclana exhorbitant amounts of money simply for the implementation of drinking water, removal of sewage and rainwater as part of the Councils Urbanisation Plan.The Plataforma say that these are basic Human Rights and should be provided free or not at the astronomical sums demanded by the Council from people who are mainly retirees, pensioners or both or unemployed.

Also the Council are setting unrealistic time scales for monies to be paid. For example, in Rana Verde where a charge is 38,000 Euros the time for the monies to be paid is 7 years. Most residents in the Campo already pay for IBI,Rubbish removal etc yet only receive the rubbish removal service so what happens with the other money they pay each month?

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