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Check the electoral roll

Round Town News, 02 | 12 | 2010 - Noticia

Expats wanting to vote in next year’s local elections are advised to check the electoral roll to insure they have a voice come polling day.
The advice was issued as the Diputacion de Alicante’s ‘Did You Know’ roadshow made its final call at Moraira after a series of meetings through the province explaining both the municipal register, the Padron, and the Censo Electoral.

Spanish citizens are automatically included on the electoral roll – but citizens of the European Union, who are entitled to vote in local and European Parliament elections, must declare their intention to do so.

And expats are advised in the campaign ‘No Vote, No Voice’ that they should register on the Padron at their town hall and the Censo Electoral before 31stDecember – with polling day on 22nd next year.
Residents told the panel they knew of examples of people “falling off” the electoral register and turning up at polling stations only to be turned away without casting a ballot.


Prof. Rafael Aguillo maintained EU citizens only needed to ask for a vote once – and they would be included on the electoral roll for all elections called.

However, he said that when people went to sign the municipal register and also inquired about the Censo they sometimes made a mistake and ticked the wrong box, mistakenly indicating they did not want to vote.

“For someone to be removed from the electoral roll they must first have been removed from the municipal register when the town hall has checked whether they are a resident or not,” he said.

However, the professor conceded they were “a living file and it can be altered and because it is typed by humans there is a margin of error.”
He said the law allowed a period – next year a final week between 4th and 11thApril – for residents to check the local electoral roll and to appeal to be included.


“It gives time to file a complaint and avoid the disagreeable experience of turning up at the polling station and not being able to vote,” said the professor of political science.

He said the registers changed “every day” and the situation for expats was more complex because they had to declare the intention to vote.
And he advised people could ring 901 101 900 to check their details were correct on the electoral roll.

The Diputacion de Alicante’s department for European residents has an interactive website with information and a facility to ask questions.

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