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Councillor urges Town Hall to cooperate

Round Town News, 28 | 10 | 2010 - Entrevista

The opposition party CLR spokesman and Orihuela Councillor, Pedro Mancebo, gave us an update on the good response his party had received from citizens to-date regarding RTN’s ‘No Vote No Voice’ campaign. As Pedro mentioned in a joint press conference recently held with fellow opposition party, CLARO, and as is being promoted by RTN, we all have the right to decide how and where our hard earned money is spent by the local authorities. However, this can only be achieved if we exercise our right to vote.


As reported in RTN, the Oficina del Censo Electoral (Voter Registration Office) will not be sending out the voter registration forms to residents who have been registered on the local ‘padrón’ before 2007. Pedro had attended last month’s Plenary Meeting at the Town Hall in Orihuela and the CLR party made the proposal of an urgent public campaign on how and where to register to vote which would be of assistance to all residents regardless of which party they give their vote to.

He told RTN: “Our proposal was that the Town Hall urges the Oficina del Censo Electoral to re-send the 13,000 voter registration forms which were returned undelivered to their addressee in 2007. Further we proposed that the members of staff who are employed at the Orihuela-Costa Town Hall have precise instructions and information to give to foreign residents who are wishing to register to vote.”

Unfortunately, this urgent proposal made by the CLR party was rejected by the PP governing party on the grounds that they have done as much as they can with regards to this subject by recently introducing street names and numbering houses. Pedro exclaimed: “And that is it!” He added: “It sounds as if there is not much interest from the PP in knowing what the citizens residing in the area of Orihuela-Costa could decide with their votes in May 2011.”


Pedro is therefore making a “voting plea” directed at all residents. He said: “We all know and are aware of the things we are unhappy with in our immediate neighbourhood, some things even being detrimental to our health and that of our children. I do not need to repeat the items we are already aware of, but if we do not get up and take action nothing will change. However, instead of getting despondent about the fact that we may or may not receive the registration form via the post or complaining about the sometimes chaotic postal system, let us get positive and pro-active!”

Make the effort

“Remember we can complain all we like that things are not changing,” concluded Pedro, “nobody at the Town Hall listens, our hard-earned money is misused and misspent, but if we do not make the effort to vote nothing will change.”

“Regardless of which party you wish to vote,” continued Pedro, “it is important to go to the Town Hall firstly to obtain your padron certificate, if you have not done so already, and secondly to make sure your name is on the electoral list. If you wish to vote and would like assistance we are more than willing to assist you with this process.”

You can meet with a representative of the CLR party every Wednesday morning at the Orihuela Costa Town Hall from 10:30 until 12:30 or call 649 545 807 any day of the week. Pedro added: “This is not a campaign for the CLR party, we just want to give all residents the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and we are more than happy to assist. Remember it is down to each one of us – and only us – NO VOTE, NO VOICE!”

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