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Delivery of voting application forms

Round Town News, 21 | 10 | 2010 - Noticia

The protest against the decision by the Electoral Registration Office (Censo Electoral) in September not to send voting application forms by post to all non-Spanish EU citizens registered on the padron continues. However, in their September decision, the Censo Electoral said they would send the voting application form by post to those who had registered on the padron after 2007 and who had not previously been sent the form.

This is now happening and in the Orihuela Costa area, 7,000 voting applications forms are being delivered by the post office in different areas to the homes of those who are ‘new’ on the padron. This is a substantial number, double the number of non-Spanish EU citizens who are already on the voters’ list and who are automatically maintained on the list, eligible to vote next May. If a majority of the 7,000 do register to vote, this in itself would considerably increase the number of EU voters and have a significant impact on the outcome of the next election.

Simple and easy

Opposition parties CLARO and CLR would therefore like to take this opportunity to urge all of the 7,000 (mainly British) people living principally in Orihuela Costa, Entre Naranjos and Laguna Green to use this facility which enables them to register to vote from the comfort of their own home.

President of CLARO, Bob Houliston, told RTN: “The form which they will receive is an official confirmation of their right to vote. It is a simple tear-open form with the instructions in English as well as in Spanish and Valencian. Personal details are already entered. All that is required is to tick the box at the bottom of the form confirming the wish to vote in municipal elections in Spain, sign it and return it in the already pre-addressed and postage paid envelope to the Censo Electoral in Alicante.

“This is by far the simplest and easiest way for non-Spanish EU citizens to register to vote. It avoids the need for a trip to the Town Hall and the need to take the correct documentation. To have a much more important say in the choice of councillors and the way we are governed by Orihuela, we urge all those who receive this form to use it to register to vote and return it within the requested 15 days.” He commented: “This is probably a flexible time limit but nothing is to be gained by delay and we would recommend filling it out, signing and returning it as soon as possible after receiving it.”


Although the parties have not given up the hope of reversing the decision curtailing the facility of registering to vote by post for all EU citizens, they urge all those already on the padron before May 2007, who are not going to be sent the form and who are not already on the voters’ list, to go in person to the Town Hall and register to vote. Bob said: “There is no great urgency as they can do so until the end of December.”

The documentation required is passport (plus photocopy of the identification page) and residence certificate. Bob concluded: “The number of those who will not receive the voter application form by post (unless the decision is reversed) is much bigger than 7,000. It is likely to be around 13,000, corresponding to the number of voter application forms returned undelivered at the time of the last municipal election in May 2007. These people were cheated of their vote last time and they could be cheated of their vote again unless they go to the Town Hall and register to vote.”
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