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International Workshop


European citizenship: Key issues in

Health, Dependence and Suffrage of German Pensioners in Spain

Málaga, 25th - 26th of March

Workshop Scope:

  1. The demographic, political, social and health scenario of the European gerontomigration in Spain. Focus on German Senior Citizens in Andalusia.
  2. Analysis of the legal bindings between the German gerontomigrants and the Spanish and other foreign administrations. Concepts of presence/stay/residence as legal criteria for the purpose of determining the benefit of different rights.
  3. Adjustment and adaptation issues.
  4. The interstate co-responsibility:  legal instruments of cross-border cooperation and European citizenship.


Gerontomigration; European pensioners in Spain. European Citizenship. Social security rights. Political rights. Legal protection of elder citizens. Presence/stay/residence as important connections for legal purposes.






16 h. Presentation. Dr. Mayte Echezarreta. Professor of Private International Law. OEG’s Director (European Monitoring Centre on Gerontomigrations). EURIE.


First Part: Scenarios of the German Gerontomigrants in Spain


16,30 h.: Social-demographic scenario.

  • Spain: Dr. Vicente Rodríguez Rodríguez. Research Professor. CSIC.
  • Speaker: Dr. Rafael Durán Muñoz. Professor of Politics. EURIE.

16,45 h.: Social and Health scenario.

  • Germany: Dr. Hans-Joachim Reinhard, Professor of the University of Fulda and Researcher of the Max-Planck Institute of International and Supranational Social Law, Munich.
  • Spain: Ms. Carmen Montes Montes. Regional Deputy Director of Retirement, Mortality and Survival. Provincial Office of the National Social Security Institute.
  • Speaker: Dr. Elsa Marina Álvarez González. Associate Professor. Administrative Law. EURIE.

17,15 h.: Coffee Break.

17,45 h. - 19h.: Discussion




9h.-10h. Political scenario:

  • Germany: Dr. Michael Janoschka. Researcher of the Centre for Human and Social Studies. CSIC.
  • Spain:  Dr. Ángel Rodríguez. Senior Professor of Constitutional Law. EURIE.
  • Speaker: Dr. Magdalena Martín Martínez.  Full Professor of Public International Law.


Coffee Break


10,30 -11,00 Discussion


Second Part: Closure of the Workshop


11h. - 12 h. Drafting of conclusions and speakers’ suggestions. Break for the participants.

12h. - 13 h.  Conclusions and summary.

13h. Closure of the Workshop.  Submission of the credentials: Municipality LER to the authorities. EURIE

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