Boletín OEG de Prensa, nº 282

Boletín de Prensa del Observatorio Europeo de Gerontomigraciones

Nº 282, 10 de marzo, 2017

European Observatory on Gerontomigration Press Bulletin
#282 (10 March 2017)
Foreign residents urged to do their bit to keep census figures current”, Sur in English, 10 | 03 | 2017 - Reportaje (Jennie Rhodes)
Antonio Requena Segovia, who heads up the Malaga office of the Spain's Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE - national statistics institute) … it is "impossible" to know all the reasons why people don't update their details on their local council's register. "Many people naturally drop off the register because they die," he said. "Due to the fact that Malaga is home to many foreign pensioners, one of the key factors in this drop is, obviously, that people pass away." … He said that there is no way of knowing whether people have really left the country or simply not…
British ambassador aims for 'best possible deal' for Brits in Spain”, Euro Weekly News, 10 | 03 | 2017 - Entrevista (Simon Manley, embajador británico en España)
“I know people are very worried about reductions in their British pensions because of the fluctuating currency, and concerned about continuing health care and we are expressing these concerns to the Spanish Government.” … “The main problem is rumours and speculation via the British media which then get picked up by their Spanish counterparts, making what is fact and what is fiction blurred. I recommend people keep an eye - as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for accurate information - on the British Government's website and Facebook page.” … If you were a retired expat in Spain, how would you be planning for the potential changes? “Firstly I would make sure that I was on the padron to ensure continued access to health care and also registering that I was legitimately here”.
Moncloa warns of ‘negative consequences’ of Brexit in Spain”, Euro Weekly News, 10 | 03 | 2017 - Noticia
The document - headed by Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria – … calls for the situation of hundreds of thousands of expatriates, from all over the EU, to be considered in negotiations and “provide certainty” on these issues.
Migration policy will also be affected, with the report suggesting ‘innumerable repercussions’ for Britons living in the country.
As expat groups organize, the Brexit fightback begins”, El País English Edition, 10 | 03 | 2017 - Reportaje (Simon Hunter)
Eurocitizens is just one of several organizations campaigning for rights of Britons in Spain and Spaniards in the UK
Spain won second place after Italy in the Heritage category thanks to its cultural attractions, food and rich history.
Juan Carlos Maldonado, y la concejala de Turismo, Fuensanta Lima, han asistido este miércoles a la inauguración de la Feria de Turismo de Berlín (ITB) ... "Es importante que ahondemos en el mercado alemán, no sólo en el ámbito vacacional sino también en el turismo residencial, ambos motores imprescindibles de nuestra economía local y de la generación de empleo. Mijas es un destino cada vez más atractivo para Centroeuropa y tenemos que potenciarlo”, ha señalado... El alcalde...
Despite her assurances, Theresa May doesn’t care about EU-based expats”, The Guardian, 06 | 03 | 2017 - Opinión (Giles Tremlett)
Two hundred thousand fearful retirees, some of them poor and vulnerable ... want to know whether their pensions will be frozen for ever and gradually eaten away by inflation – as currently happens to UK pensioners who retire to most non-EU countries. The government has had seven months to calm their fears. It has chosen not to. ... The obvious suspicion is that the real plan is to use Brexit to claw back pension payments, effectively punishing those who moved to the EU in the secure belief that this would never happen to them. Kelly Hall, from Birmingham University ... says that for the many people scraping by on small state pensions, the worry is contributing to ill health, depression and anxiety. ... We need to hear from the UK government (and the EU) that its plan is to maintain all the rights we acquired when, in good faith, we moved to Europe... That will require creating new categories of residents in both the EU and UK – “those in place before Brexit” ... we are the EU’s biggest exporter of migrants, with about 5 million Britons, or 8% of UK citizens, living abroad. Many of those of us who live in the EU were prevented from voting in the referendum that turned our lives upside down, can no longer vote in general elections and have no MP. May says she will correct this but, again, has not lifted a finger to do so. With no voice or impact in parliament, we remain completely in her power.
"Portugal, paraíso fiscal para jubilados europeos", El País, 27 | 02 | 2017 - Reportaje (Javier Martín)
Los residentes extranjeros crecen un 44%, atraídos por la no tributación de sus pensiones