Boletín OEG de Prensa, nº 353

Boletín de Prensa del Observatorio Europeo de Gerontomigraciones

Nº 353, 3 de mayo, 2019

European Observatory on Gerontomigration Press Bulletin
#353 (3 May 2019)
Providing a source of essential information on locally available assistance and advice for older and more vulnerable UK citizens living in Spain all in one place is the key objective of the Support in Spain website, which launched in Almeria this week. ... Support in Spain was first launched on the Costa del Sol... Andalucia Consular Officer ... pointed out the Spanish health and welfare system is still based on the assumption family will take on much of the responsibility for looking after relatives, which can create difficult situations for British expatriates in Spain on their own. “We have to count on other organisations otherwise we wouldn’t be able to assist: we just don’t have the resources”...
The British Embassy Madrid has released the following statement...
«'Election result brings welcome reassurance for Brits living in Spain'», The Local, 29 | 04 | 2019 - Opinión (Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain)
With the expectation that a coalition government can be formed, I think many Brits will sleep better at night with the prospect of stability and continuity in Spanish government. The increase in seats for PSOE provided additional reassurances that promises already made to the British residents would be honoured. ... On May 23rd, the UK has an opportunity to rally against the far-right, to show that the British people are tolerant, inclusive and pro-European. The Spanish have demonstrated that, by turning out in large numbers, the divisive effect of right-wing extremism can be limited. We must take every opportunity to do the same – the future of the UK and Europe depends on it.
"Brexit pensions chaos for expats: Could you be in line for a £50,000 windfall?", Daily Express, 29 | 04 | 2019 - Reportaje (Levi Winchester)
Pensioners who have flocked to sunnier climates to enjoy their golden years are nervous they have been mis-sold badly performing Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs). It is believed a staggering £10 billion worth of SIPPs have been incorrectly dealt to hundreds of thousands of Britons by unscrupulous financial advisors. At least 70,000 British pensioners are retired in Spain and the uncertainty surrounding their pensions once Britain exits the European Union has resulted in a flood of claims. Successful claimants could pocket a £50,000 windfall with SIPP claims set to overtake PPI claim figures.
For Brits, the pension crisis can’t be solved by becoming an expat in one of the European countries popular with retirees, as the British exit from the EU means already low state pension payments from the UK are subject to currency fluctuations between the euro and sterling. The pound is expected to fall still further due to Brexit and it’s even possible the UK may slip into recession as a result, with British pensioners receiving even fewer euros to the pound than at present. Any capital received from selling a British home is likely to be swallowed up in purchasing another property in the preferred destination, as property prices in Europe are now nowhere as cheap as they were a decade ago. ... it’s essential expat retirees understand exactly what’s on offer before they risk their add-on private pension by investing in a product they don’t understand or is totally unsuitable for their circumstances. 
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