Rush to legalise

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13 Enero 2011

Costa Almería News |  Noticia

Political parties present raft of proposals and new regulations to tackle illegal home crisis

Proposals to speed up the process of legalising up to 300,000 illegal homes in Andalucía have been announced by the region’s Partido Popular (PP).

A motion was formally presented to the Junta de Andalucía by the PP’s regional president Javier Arenas last week (as reported briefly in last week’s Costa Almería News).

The text was drawn up after meetings with the AUAN, a group campaigning for the legalisation of homes in the Almanzora valley in Almería, and is due to be debated next month.

It puts the blame for the present situation on both town halls, for not taking on their planning responsibilities, either because of a lack of resources or because “they did not want to make unpopular decisions”, and the Junta.

The document proposes that standard procedures should be established whereby town councils which are involved in the regularisation of homes through their town planning can have some basic guidelines on how to implement the regulations.


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