Boletín OEG de Prensa, nº 381

Boletín de Prensa del Observatorio Europeo de Gerontomigraciones

Nº 381 , 13 de marzo, 2020

European Observatory on Gerontomigration Press Bulletin
#381 (13 March 2020)
"Brexit negotiations halted as expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol accept situation", Euro Weekly News, 12 | 03 | 2020 - Noticia
Expats in Spain who eagerly await news on the situation and follow the negotiations daily have been left disappointed by the news breaking that talks have been delayed after some 3 years of wishing to know where they actually stand as the UK leaves the EU. ... No new dates have yet to be released for the commencement of negations.
"Modelo 720: all you need to know about Spain’s asset declaration form", Euro Weekly News, 11 | 03 | 2020 - Noticia
...the Modelo 720 form is a declaration of overseas assets, that Spanish tax residents are obliged to fill out. ... applies to all legal and physical Spanish residents who own assets outside of the country of a value greater than €50,000.
"Los diez mejores países del mundo para pasar tu jubilación", La Razón, 11 | 03 | 2020 - Noticia
Factores como el clima, el coste de vida, el sistema sanitario o la facilidad para obtener la residencia se comparan para elaborar el Índice de la Jubilación Mundial, en el que se basa la clasificación. ... Portugal el país que ocupa el primer puesto del listado que elabora la publicación irlandesa International Living bajo el título “Los mejores lugares para retirarse”. El país fue elegido como mejor destino para las personas retiradas, con 86 puntos de los 100 posibles... España ocupa el octavo puesto, con 76,8 puntos.

"Inflation in Spain driving British expats to consider Portugal", Emigrate, 10 | 03 | 2020 - Noticia
Recent research in the expat community by a popular English language newspaper revealed high numbers of retirees are already planning a move to Portugal. All of those interviewed told reporters they simply couldn’t afford to live in Spain any longer, adding that many in the expat community are doing the same. ... The Portuguese private health system is considered to be at least 20 per cent less expensive than its Spanish equivalent and property rental is also cheaper, although it’s expected to soar due to increased demand.
"How Brexit put an end to the election of Britons living in rural France", The Conversation, 10 | 03 | 2020 - Reportaje (Susan Collard)
...Britons’ loss of EU citizenship from February 1 onward has some important implications for those living on the continent: They can no longer vote nor stand as candidates in local elections unless bilateral agreements are concluded. While Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg have signed such accords, France has not. As a result, UK residents in France have already been struck from the electoral registers.
"Mind the gap: What's not covered by the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement?", The Local, 06 | 03 | 2020 - Opinión (Kalba Meadows, France Rights and British in Europe, both volunteer-run organisations dedicated to protecting the rights of British people living in the EU)
The fact that the UK did in the end leave the EU with a deal in place means that the Withdrawal Agreement guarantees a great many basic rights for British people in France. But ... there are some important gaps in it too.
"Needs of Britons in Spain are persistently overlooked or dismissed", The Local, 06 | 03 | 2020 - Reportaje
Britons living in Spain feel abandoned by the UK government as they try to come to terms with life post-Brexit, according to a new report ... whose findings was disputed by Britain's Foreign Office. ... Professor Karen O'Reilly, author of 'Brexit and the British in Spain'... The Local has asked Britain's Foreign Office to comment on the report. A spokesperson said a reaction would be forthcoming but made it clear that they found the findings of the report unfair and that it did not take into the account the work they had been doing.
"Mijas impulsa una charla sobre el 'brexit' para resolver dudas de los residentes del Reino Unido en el municipio", 20 minutos, 04 | 03 | 2020 - Noticia
La edil de Extranjeros ... ha anunciado ... que el departamento ha organizado junto al Consulado Británico en Málaga y la asociación 'Costa Women', una charla informativa dirigida a los residentes del Reino Unido en la ciudad...