Expat voting apathy

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9 Febrero 2011

Only one in every four expats in Alicante Province want to vote on May 22

Costa Blanca News | Noticia

Only a quarter of the entire registered expat population of Alicante province will be able to vote in the May 22 local elections.
While interest grows in Britons regaining their right to vote in the UK general elections (see page 13), foreign residents on the Costa Blanca appear indifferent to the local ballot.

Alicante province has 303,114 foreign residents registered on the 'padrón', however, only 73,413 EU expats have filed the necessary requests to enable them to vote.

The figure adds to the 3,042 residents of non-EU states who have filed the request and can vote on May 22 due to bilateral agreements between Spain and Norway and Switzerland and certain South American countries.


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