Progress in Llíber case

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3 Marzo 2011

Another lawyer implicated and Guardia civil recover 2.4 million euros

Costa Blanca News, 03 | 03 | 2011 - Noticia

Another lawyer has been implicated in the Llíber property scandal, bringing the total to face court proceedings to 19 people.

The lawyer, known as J.P., represented around 25 homeowners in the Masias properties in La Cuta area of Lliber. One homeowner explained how they were recommended to him as he was an English-speaking Spanish lawyer.

By 2004, many of the homeowners began to have their concerns but they claim that J.P. continued to assure that all was okay and correct.

Having power of attorney for the homeowners, he continued to make payments to the developer in 2005 on their behalf even after builders downed tools mid 2004.

One property owner who wished to remain anonymous said: "We trusted him to look after our interest and gave him power of attorney to deal with proceedings.

"It was only after we instructed a new lawyer to look into the issues that the true extent of the problems came to light."

After the initial arrests took place in 2010, Masias property owners were shocked to find that their lawyer, who they believe knew about the illegal property issues, was not arrested. After appealing to AULN lawyer Bernardo del Rosal Blasco, the have now been notified that J.P. will now appear in court on March 14 as the judge has accepted the motion and he is now formally accused in the criminal proceedings.


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