Jávea coastline apartment block must come down

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24 Marzo 2011

Court orders council to knock down 6 flats

Costa News | Noticia

The Superior Court of Justice in Valencia has told Jávea council to demolish 6 apartments that form part of a 16 apartment complex.

The court ruled that the council had exceeded its authority in allowing a developer to build the extra six apartments situated in the Segon Muntanyer zone.

The licence to construct the apartments on Avenida de Ultramar was ceded in November 2005 but the court ruled that the council had wrongly applied the rules governing its PGOU town plan whereby it received 211.36 euros in cash for every extra metre of construction which totalled 130,761.90 euros.

The court ruled that accepting money in this way was not in the public interest and that it broke Ley 6/98 of the Ley de Suelo.

The Superior court decision could have further negative consequences for Jávea council because it is believed that other building developments were carried out under similar criteria.


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