Voice for Calpe residents

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17 Marzo 2011

Round Town News | Noticia

Experienced local politicians head the Calpe Independientes, a new international party entering the local election race in alliance with the Green party Los Verdes. Businesswoman Antonia Avargues – who has been a councillor for eight years – heads the party with deputy and spokeswoman Carole Saunders.

However, there are Spanish, British, Dutch and Eastern European members of the party which is aligned to the important Federation of Independent Parties in Spain. And the Calpe Independientes will be officially launched at 8pm on Friday 25th March at its new headquarters at the junction of Calle Jasmines and Calle Malaga.

English speaking residents are also invited for morning coffee at 11am on Saturday 26th March at the offices.

Carole told RTN the party hoped to get the backing of people “disillusioned” with the political intrigue and allegations of corruption within the town hall.

“We will not be making any grand promises like the other parties because the town hall is nearly bankrupt,” she said. “However, we firmly believe one of the most important things is starting Agenda 21 and giving everyone a say in the future of Calpe and how it is run.”

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