A thousand set to lose their homes

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8 Abril 2011

Beachfront houses snatched by the state, without a penny for their rightful owners

Costa Blanca News | Noticia

At least 1,000 residents on Dénia seafront are set to lose their homes - with no compensation offered - through the unpopular Ley de Costas.

An arbitrary boundary between the residential area and the beach means that any property which oversteps the line will be demolished.

According to the Dirección General de Costas, the government plans to apply the law 'more aggressively', and move the beach border further back - as far as the road.

The affected area is a 6.5-kilometre stretch between the river Racons and Els Molins beach - which, geographically-speaking, is in El Verger, but comes under Dénia council.

Many homeowners in the area have already had their houses snatched by the government, without a cent in compensation, but have been allowed to carry on living in them for a period of 30 years.

This means, though, that they are no longer the legal owners of their properties, and cannot sell them or leave them to their children.


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