'Safe to buy' outrage

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19 Octubre 2011

Housing minister in denial over property abuses

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SPAIN'S housing minister Beatriz Corredor caused uproar in London last week by announcing that property purchases have always been secure in Spain.

"We insist that buying a house in Spain has always been safe," the secretary of state told the BBC.

She then explained that 'those who have had problems, are on the path to a solution'.

Property abuse victim Keith Rule, coordinator of the Finca Parcs Action Group and organiser of the Bank Guarantees in Spain Petition, said: "This statement is completely untrue. If as the minister says, buying a house in Spain has always been safe, then why are so many people suffering from issues such as land grab, demolition orders, Ley de Costas and bank guarantee abuse? I am shocked that she can continue to make such inflammatory and insensitive statements. If we are now on a 'path to a solution' the least we deserve is to be told just how long that path is."

Sra Corredor made her comments in London Docklands during the 'commercial stage' of the now infamous property roadshow which formed part of the Property Investor Show & OPP Live 2011. According to a government press release she was accompanying a number of private firms that would show a 'quality product selection of Spanish housing stock'.

Sra Corredor added that the objective of her visit was to reopen sales channels lost during the crisis with the principal markets for Spanish holiday homes

Spain currently has an estimated stock of 700,000 new homes for sale, with the banks also trying to get rid of tens of thousands of homes handed over by bankrupt builders in lieu of debts or repossessed from families who have defaulted on mortgages.

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