Spain's housing secretary 'in denial' about expat property problems

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18 Octubre 2011

Marta Andreasen MEP has claimed Spain's secretary for housing 'is in denial' regarding the severity of the problems affecting British expats who have invested in Spanish property, following a heated exchange at an international property exhibition in London.

The Telegraph | Noticia

The argument took place following a speech delivered last week by the Spanish housing secretary Beatriz Corredor, who called for Britons to trust in Spain and to take advantage of its ripe property market.

UKIP's Marta Andreasen MEP said: "I was quite upset that she refused to accept or mention the fact that were serious problems affecting Brits in Spain.

"She referred to new reforms that had supposedly made Spain a safe country in which to buy, but these reforms neither resolve the past nor the present problems.

"The British are among the highest proportion of foreign property purchasers, but the bad reputation Spain has earned itself has seen the level of interest in Spanish property plummet. This so-called ‘property roadshow’ was to address that with the aim of portraying that everything is fixed and the Brits can start spending their money again. How wrong this is.

"Regional governments pick fights with local governments, mayors and politicans take bribes, then get prosecuted for corruption – it really is difficult for any British person to trust anyone throughout the home buying process.

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