Illegal building crackdown

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18 Noviembre 2011

Illegal building is still occurring despite the recession in the construction sector, revealed public prosecutor for environmental and town planning affairs, Antonio Vercher.

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Sr Vercher indicated reforms to the penal code - in effect since December - are helping them to tackle the nationwide problem.

An illegal construction in progress is now considered an offence which has already been committed and authorities no longer have to wait for it to be finished. He added that town planning corruption can now be punished with jail sentences and fines rather than one or the other.

Torrevieja-based consumer group, AECU estimates that between five to 15% of all homes in the Vega Baja are in an irregular situation.

Most are on land not classified as for housing - or lack habitation certificates because of deficiencies or unfinished work by the promoter.

Spokesman Honorio Fernández is to call informative meetings for residents who have been 'conned'.

He blames promoters and estate agents for withholding information from buyers; town halls for passivity and complicity; and electricity and water supply companies for profiteering from illegal situations.

"It would be unfair to oblige residents to pay for infrastructure works the promoter never carried out and the town hall did not enforce," he said.

"It is also unfair for them to pay for builder's supplies of water and electricity in the name of a promoter whose unfinished work prevents the buyer from having the necessary papers to get a contract."

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