Illegal home owners told where they stand

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18 Noviembre 2011

Llíber mayor holds informative meeting for affected residents

Costa Blanca News | Noticia

As Llíber town hall continues its efforts to find solutions for those affected by the illegal homes scandal, Mayor José Juan Reus Reus invited heads of association to an informative meeting, to explain progress made.

Due to other commitments, the mayor handed the meeting to foreign councillor Suzanne McAllister to conduct along with the town hall lawyer. Both explained matters regarding the General Plan (PGOU), water and electricity.

Currently the village is electing members to work along side the mayor and his councillors, and Suzanne encouraged anyone wishing to participate, to register their interest. This group of residents, a mixture of Spanish and foreigners, will be a voice for the community able to raise and decide on issues concerning the residents both within the village and the outskirts. They will also work alongside the progress of the PGOU.

Speaking of rumours which have circulated amongst villagers saying the PGOU has been stopped, Suzanne informed residents that this is not true and said: "We had a meeting with the architects involved in making the PGOU, and they informed us that they have not been paid since 2006.

"The architects have agreed, however, to continue with the plan without being paid and wait until the village has money available to pay them."

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