‘Nothing to celebrate’ on 4th anniversary of demolition

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13 Enero 2012

Priors recount “humiliating” psychiatric tests forced on them

Costa Almería News | Noticia

The expat couple whose home was bulldozed by the authorities four years ago this week have said they are worn out by years of uncertainty as their claim for compensation continues to drag through the courts.

Len and Helen Prior had their 690,000-euro villa pulled down in January 2008 after the regional government revoked their building licence.

The couple have in the meantime been fighting a lengthy legal battle for compensation and this week they gave details of the harrowing psychological tests they were forced to undergo as part of their for claims for damages assessment.

The two took part in two, four-hour sessions with a psychiatrist, and were later asked to fill-in a written test containing more than 750 questions, divided into two parts. Among the more outlandish questions the Priors were asked whether they “had stolen from a shop” or “taken part in group sexual acts”.

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