Illegal homes relief

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12 Enero 2012

Decree approved by Junta will regularise ‘eight out of 10' illegal homes

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Thousands of homes throughout Andalucía will have their legal status regularised by a new decree approved by the regional government on Tuesday.  However, concern still remains over a number of properties which are excluded from the legislation.

It has been estimated that the new regulations will affect 300,000 Andalucían properties, a fifth of them in the province of Málaga.  Within the 22 municipalities of the Axarquía alone, the Junta de Andalucía has previously identified almost 13,000 properties built on land classified as unsuitable for development of which 11,000 will benefit from the new decree.  However, over 800 homes in the zone which are on protected land or in dry river beds are excluded from the change and face demolition.  On Monday, the Junta's president, José Antonio Griñán, said it would be "absolutely impossible" to regularise these properties.

The Minister of Works and Housing, Josefina Cruz, said on Tuesday that the decree is not an indiscriminate means of regularisation, but a specific response according to each situation.  "Out of every 10 buildings on undeveloped land without any regulation," she said, "eight will be able to be ‘recognized', so they are given basic services, but cannot hope to be ‘legalized.'"

Only around one in 10 homes will likely be eligible for full legalisation, while another one in 10 could face the wrecking ball.

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