Cross-border health services in the EU. Analytical Report

Junio de 2010 | Flash Eurobarometer, nº 210

Table of contents


Key findings

1. Entitlements and reimbursement for medical treatment undertaken in another Member State
2. Experience of receiving medical treatment in another EU Member State
3. Willingness to travel to another EU country to receive medical treatment
4. What motivates citizens to obtain treatment elsewhere in the EU

4.a Medical treatment not available at home
4.b A better quality of medical treatment
4.c Medical treatment provided by specialist
4.d Quicker treatment
4.e Cheaper medical treatment
4.f  Summary overview

5. Factors that discourage citizens to obtain treatment elsewhere in the EU

5.a Convenience ? it is more convenient to be treated near my home
5.b Satisfaction with healthcare received in respondents? own country
5.c The role of information ? lack of information
5.d The role of language barriers
5.e Financial reasons ? cannot afford treatment abroad
5.f  Summary overview

6. Annex tables
7. Survey details
8. Survey questionnaire

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