Torrevieja Brits outnumber rest

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27 Enero 2012

The population of Torrevieja has grown by more than five times in the past 20 years and the city is now the fourth largest by population in the region.

The Courier | Noticia

It started the year with 105,270 registered inhabitants. Only the provincial capitals – Valencia, Alicante and Castellón – and Elche are home to more people.

Torrevieja’s population explosion is, of course, down to foreigners, with more than half its citizens coming from outside Spain. Unsurprisingly, Brits make up the biggest number, with 13,185 residents hailing from the UK.

Next biggest group is Germans (4,032), followed by Russians ( 4,013), Swedes (3,107) and Moroccans (3,063). Bulgaria, Romania, Holland, France, Iraq, Sudan and Sierra Leone are among the other 121 countries  represented in Torrevieja.

In the past year, the city’s population increased by 1,730. This sees the return to growth after figures fell in 2009 and 2010 when Torrevieja shed nearly 1,200 people. Most of these were immigrants who lost their jobs in construction.


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