Population rise in Torrevieja

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27 Enero 2012

There are officially 1,730 more people living in Torrevieja in 2011 compared to the previous year, according to statistics released by the Town Hall this week. The increase in the ‘padron’ figures brings to 105,270 the number of people living in the municipality; 53% of which are non Spanish. Of that amount, 13,185 are British residents; which again is an increase on last year and like in neighbouring Orihuela Costa contradicts the highly negative “doom and gloom – everyone’s leaving” rumours that we are all hearing on a daily basis.

Round Town News | Noticia


On top of the population increase it was also announced that more than 3,000 houses were sold in the municipality during 2011; again more evidence that the housing market is picking up. A spokesman from the Town Hall told RTN: “These figures show an increment across the board in Torrevieja.” The statistics also show that in the Torrevieja municipality, 121 different countries are represented; 50.6% are men and 49.4% are women. The population figure also represents a five-fold increase in residents in just over a decade.

The spokesman added: “In 1990, there were just 23,000 inhabitants in Torrevieja, which shows the huge increase of residents in such a relatively short space of time. The only downturn we have seen is those residents from the Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Peru: presumably they have moved on for work reasons.”


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