New hope for illegal homes

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27 Enero 2012

Some 300 houses could finally get occupation licences

Costa Blanca News | Noticia

Owners of some 300 houses built illegally in Llíber were given a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel this week after years of fighting to legalise their properties.

Heads of residents' associations in Lliber were informed on how their members could apply for their occupation licenses and water and electricity.

Around 300 properties are currently without these services and licenses becasue of an illegal home scam but the mayor and his team have informed residents that there appears a solution.

Having obtained a legal ruling via lawyer who specialises in urban law, the mayor, the council lawyer and foreign residents' councillor Suzanna McAllister explained that in the majority of cases, the council can issue occupation licenses. To that endthey have set aside four Friday afternoons in which to invite homeowners to go to the town hall to have their paperwork looked at. The council lawyer said, "In the majority of cases, the license will be issued, but we can not make any guarantees. "All those interested in applying for the occupation license can come to the town hall, we will look at the paper work, and then the application can be made."

The receipt of the occupation license (Licencia de Ocupación) does not formally legalise the house but is a legal document required for the purchasing and selling of a property. To apply for the license, councillor McAllister said owners must present their deeds (escritura), NIE, the architects' certificate signing the house as finished, utlity bills and receipt of IBI tax.

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