Call to supply illegal homes with basic utilities

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26 Enero 2012

Ecologists rail against Junta decree as AUAN mulls over new protest march

Costa Almería News | Noticia

Illegal homes in Almería province should have quick access to water, sewerage and electricity services, three leading members of the Socialist PSOE party have said.

In a statement issued jointly by the mayor of Albox, José García Navarro, the PSOE’s secretary general in Almería, Jose Luis Teruel, and the party’s provincial deputy, Pilar Navarro, homes classed as ‘irregular’ and “owned by thousands of andaluces” should be connected to the mains water and electricity supply.

To do this, the three intend to introduce an amendment to the Junta’s decree, the details of which were made public more than two weeks ago and which will regularise most of the 250,000 illegal homes in Andalucía – 12,697 of which are in Almería province.

The decree stipulates that illegal homes will have access to basic utilities only in exceptional circumstances, but the mayor of Albox has made it clear he would like most illegal homes to be hooked up to basic services (as reported in CA News in December). The three stressed that the amendment would be a temporary measure, lasting for one year at the most.


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