Illegal homes decree takes effect on March 1st

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23 Febrero 2012

The Junta de Andalucía expects to confirm status of all unregulated properties in three months 

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The Junta de Andalucía hopes to have clarified the situation for all property on undeveloped land in the region within three months. Speaking in Málaga last week, the Junta's Secretary General for Planning, Gloria Vega, said that in that time it is hoped, at least, to have started all relevant proceedings.

Vega was in the city for a technical conference to advise local authorities about the decree, approved last month, to regulate an estimated quarter million properties, with the objective of applying the same criteria across all of Andalucía.

She said it was not the intention of the Junta to modify the law so that anyone could build where they want to, adding there are homes which can only be used in restricted conditions, because the decree cannot modify the legality of these constructions.

Vega would not be drawn on what might happen if there is a change of administration in Andalucía following the regional elections on March 25, but said that in the three months following the decree becoming law on March 1, all the 50,000 irregular homes in the province of Málaga could have their status confirmed. However, she did make it quite clear that the cost of any legal processes would be met by the property owners, and would in no case be paid for by any town hall.

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