Opposition PP party aims to trump Junta over illegal homes

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1 Marzo 2012

Two leading anti-property abuse associations in Andalucía held a key meeting this week with the region’s main opposition party to discuss the illegal homes crisis just hours before a demonstration was held through the streets of Seville to highlight the problem.

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Prior to the protest march involving some 300 people, the AUAN and SOHA associations met with Alicia Martínez, the Partido Popular (PP) party’s planning spokesperson in the regional parliament.

The AUAN claimed the PP, who most polls predict will sweep to victory at the forthcoming regional elections, assured them the Decree would be replaced with a radical law to legalise homes in the region if the party gains power on March 25.
The AUAN’s president, Maura Hillen, said she was given assurances by Sra Martínez that it would “ring-fence” illegal homes.

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