10.000 demonstrate in Seville over illegal homes

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12 Marzo 2012

Protestors chose Andalucía Day to demand a change to the LOUA and the decree to regularise illegally-built houses

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Thousands of people took part in a demonstration outside the Andalusian Parliament building in Seville on Tuesday, to protest against the regional government's decree regarding illegally-built properties. The protestors chose February 28th to make their protest because it was Andalucía Day and they knew that the politicians would be attending the flag-raising ceremony to commemorate the establishment of the autonomous community.

According to the organisers about 10,000 owners of illegally-built houses, most from Malaga but also many from Cadiz and Cordoba, took part in the demonstration about the modification to the Ley de Ordenación Urbanística de Andalucía (LOUA) and the new decree which will regularise many properties that have been built on land which was not zoned for construction. The protestors marched through the streets of Seville from the San Lázaro roundabout to the Parliament building, where a manifesto was read out.

"Not criminals"

The organisers said they were pleased with the support for the demonstration although they criticised the authorities for closing the gates to them while the flag raising ceremony took place. They also stressed that the protestors are not property speculators or criminals, but "normal people, who live in the country and did not know that it would be illegal to build a home there". They oppose the modification to the LOUA because they believe the Andalusian Parliament approved it without understanding the situation and they want to exercise the rights which are laid down in the Statute of Autonomy for people who are affected by regulations to take part in modifying them. However, some protestors admitted that there is a "palpable division" between those who live in the countryside as this, they say, is the "cradle of socialism" and they believe this means that some people do not want to oppose the policies of the Junta.

Those who are affected by the decree for illegal homes are intending to hold another demonstration, this time in Malaga on 17th March, with the same demands. The march will leave from the City Hall and proceed to the headquarters of the Governmental Delegate of the Junta de Andalucía, where the protestors will hold a sit-in.  

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