Priors knocked down - again

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22 Marzo 2012

Court case ends with no decision on compensation claim

Costa Almería News | Noticia

The retired British couple who saw their home in Vera demolished in January 2008 were once again reliving their nightmare on discovering last week that their compensation claim had come to nothing in a court in Almería.
Len and Helen Prior, whose plight was highlighted across the world’s media four years ago, hoped for a resolution over the amount of compensation they would receive for the loss of their dream home in Spain.
They had claimed a monthly rent of 500 euros and 740,000 euros in compensation for the property.
With a labyrinthine background of complicated legal wrangling on the part of both Vera council, who gave the permission for the building licence in 2003, and the regional government in Andalucia, who rescinded it and ordered the demolition, the Priors have slipped between a rock and a hard place as the lengthy proceedings drag on.

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