Spain rejects 'burden to the state' expats

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26 Abril 2012

The controversial decree governing changes to the national healthcare system was published this week in the state's official bulletin (BOE).

Costa Blanca News | Noticia

It unveils additional changes to those announced last week.

Expats in Spain will find it more difficult to get a SIP healthcare card, as being on the municipal register (padrón) will no longer be enough.

According to the decree, European Union residents spending more than three months in Spain will have to sign on the foreigners' register (Registro Central de Extranjeros) to obtain a card.

Those who can register are people working and paying into the social security system as employed or self-employed; those who can prove they have enough wealth or resources to maintain themselves and their families in Spain and who 'will not be a burden for the social security system in Spain'; and relatives of EU nationals.

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