Health failure

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3 Mayo 2012

Bad adminstration is really to blame for muti -million euro losses to the system

Costa Blanca News | Noticia

A report issued this week by the official auditors (Tribunal de Cuentas) and based on data from the 2009 financial year has indicated that the multi million euro losses incurred by the health system in Spain is down to bad administration on the part of the national health system and the various regional authorities.

The report says that the Spanish health system is plagued by administrative failures that have caused the loss of millions of euros with the principal cause being lax administration when dealing with foreign patients.
After revising figures for 2009 auditors found a large number of administrative and bureaucratic failures that prevented the correct tariffs from being applied, allowed SIP cards to be issued to foreigners who did not comply with current legislation, the duplication of SIP cards and a total lack of information technology that gave way to people making up what to charge and a major failure in charging patients countries of origin.
One of the major money pits detected by auditors was the costs involved in dispensing medicines to foreigners.

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