Brand new cuts to target foreigners in Spain

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10 Abril 2012

THE Spanish government has announced 10 billion euros more of cuts in health and education – with some specifically targetting foreigners who ‘abuse the health service’.

The Olive Press | Noticia

These new austerity measures come in addition to the electricity hike and civil servant wage freeze announced in the PP’s budget last week.
“We must avoid foreigners abusing the health service in Spain,” said Spanish finance minister Cristobal Montoro on Radio Nacional de Espana.
“There are Europeans who come to Spain to use services which are not available in their own countries,” he said.
The Spanish health service is currently indebted by 20 billion euros.
Mariano Rajoy’s government hopes to cut seven billion from health and three billion from education, with an attempt to make these public services ‘more rational’, to ‘avoid duplication’ and ‘improve efficiency’.
Early reports suggest that the service will remain free at the point of use and that high earners will not be charged more, as has been previously discussed.
Montoro said a list of the cuts would be made available in two weeks’ time, with health minister Ana Mato to explain the changes, which are to be implemented at the end of April. 

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