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7 Junio 2012

Translators to be removed from National Police stations

Costa Blanca News | Noticia

JUST as the summer season starts to get underway a senior officer within the National Police force, Eugenio Pin, has issued orders prohibiting the use of official police translators in National Police stations.

The move is part of an ongoing series of cost cutting measures being implemented by the force.

A letter sent out to all sections of the force said that with immediate effect it was forbidden to employ interpreters at police stations.

This means that foreign visitors reporting crimes or asking for help will have to take their own translator or hope that the officer dealing with them is able to understand what they want otherwise they will be left out to dry.

Each year during the summer season, crime in resort towns such as Benidorm and Torrevieja soars as thieves move in along with the massive influx of tourists. 

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