AUAN objects to regularisation proposals

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20 Mayo 2012

AUAN, the homeowner's association, has submitted a formal objection to the planning documents published by Albox Town Council on May 2nd because they could result in the initiation of proceedings against 295 buildings situated in the town. In addition, the association claims that a further 278 houses are placed in a “legal limbo” by the proposals made by the Town Hall.

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The press release from AUAN states that 'The planning documents, published under the terms of the recent Regularisation Decree for houses on non-urban land, consist of an Advance Plan of Inspection which could result in the initiation of proceedings against some 295 buildings (many in foreign ownership) located in or near waterways, on rights of way, near roads or subject to some other form of protection.' “We believe that the council should properly define and map these protected areas before they select homes for inclusion in the Inspection Plan. The current list is not based on accurate criteria and could result in unnecessary worry and expense for homeowners,” said an AUAN spokesperson.

This document further identifies some 278 houses (the majority foreign owned) that are located on illegal land divisions know as ‘parcelaciones urbanisticas.’ “These houses are placed in a sort of legal limbo and we have raised a number of issues with this designation including the fact that the town hall may have issued segregation licences for many of them” the spokesperson continued. “We also note with some concern that the homeowner has been listed as the promoter in a number of cases when this is clearly not true.”

The association also expressed its surprise at the selection of properties included in the second planning document, the Advance of Urban Settlements, highlighting that only two urban settlements had been identified in the Aljambra area of Albox, the location of a number of illegal urbanisations, whilst others, constructed by the same promoter and other promoters, containing numerous houses have been excluded.

“This only goes to show why we do not believe that the decree is the solution that the homeowners and the property industry needs. In practice, it just makes matters worse as time will tell. Our members feel that having been defrauded by our promoters and let down by a slow legal system, we are now being held to ransom by the government of Andalucía who demands expensive paperwork, difficult legal contortions and in some cases the funding of infrastructure projects to fix problems caused by others, including, it must be said, the Junta de Andalucía.” the spokesperson concluded. 

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