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Foreign voters and the 2011 local elections

Fecha Publicación: 
20 Febrero 2011

Non-Spanish voters and candidates are set to play a pivotal role in this year's local elections

Sur in English, 20 | 02 | 2011 - Noticia

Conservatives Abroad supporting the expatriate vote

Fecha Publicación: 
17 Febrero 2011

Costa Blanca News, 17 | 02 | 2011 - Noticia

"Many issues affecting British expatriates can be raised with UK ministers by Jávea Conservatives Abroad," said Margaret Hales, the group's chairman, at its AGM at Los Leones Restaurant, Moraira, last Thursday.

Expat voting apathy

Fecha Publicación: 
9 Febrero 2011

Only one in every four expats in Alicante Province want to vote on May 22

Costa Blanca News | Noticia

Expats could win back general election voting rights

Fecha Publicación: 
31 Enero 2011

Britons living abroad who have lost their right to vote may soon win it back after the European Court of Human Rights asked the government to explain why they can't take part in general elections

The Telegraph, 31 | 01 | 2011 - Noticia

Political involvement of older European migrants in Southern Spain

Fecha Publicación: 
1 Enero 2004

Political involvement of older European migrants in southern Spain "Political involvement of older European migrants in southern Spain", en Anthony M. Warnes (ed.), Older migrants in Europe: Essays, projects and sources (Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing, Sheffield), págs.47-50. (Rafael Durán, 2004).

Old age EU migration and political involvement

Fecha Publicación: 
1 Enero 2003

"Old age EU migration and political involvement. The retirement municipality of Mijas as a case study". Vth European Congress of Gerontology, Barcelona, 2-5 de Julio (Rafael Durán et al., 2003)



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