Boletín OEG de Prensa, nº 416

Boletín de Prensa del Observatorio Europeo de Gerontomigraciones

Nº 416, 4 de junio, 2021

European Observatory on Gerontomigration Press Bulletin

#416 (4 June 2021)


"European local councillors in the UK join forces to fight for rights", The London Economic, 03 | 06 | 2021 - Reportaje (Andra Maciuca)
A cross-party group of European local councillors in the UK is joining forces to fight for the rights of EU citizens in post-Brexit Britain. ... A Home Office spokesperson said the UK government “has been clear” that the issue of local voting and candidacy by EU citizens living in the UK needs to be considered alongside the rights and interests of British expats living abroad. They added that officials are seeking reciprocal bilateral voting rights agreements to maintain this right for local elections, with bi-lateral agreements already negotiated with Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and Poland.
"How much do retired Britons need for a comfortable lifestyle?", Euro Weekly News, 02 | 06 | 2021 - Noticia
Retirees need between £26,000 and £19,000 a year to live a comfortable life depending on whether they are part of a couple or single, says consumer group Which? ... Which? surveyed nearly 7,000 retired people members of the consumer group.
"Padrón campaign controversy", Costa Blanca News, 02| 06 | 2021 - Noticia
Orihuela residents, especially those on the coast and in rural districts, are being encouraged by the town hall to sign on the municipal register... Councillor for immigration Almudena Baldó said: “There appears to be a floating population, particularly foreigners, who are not registered.” However opposition party Cambiemos Orihuela has claimed the town hall social services have been blocking some vulnerable people’s efforts to register.
"Parlamento sueco aprova denúncia de acordo fiscal com Portugal", Observador, 02 | 06 | 2021 - Reportaje (Agência Lusa)
O parlamento sueco votou no sentido de denunciar o tratado fiscal que tinha com Portugal o que significa que a partir de 01 de janeiro, a Suécia pode cobrar impostos sobre pensões.
La tramitación se ha visto retrasada por la aprobación, gracias a la abstención de Vox, de la enmienda a la totalidad presentada por Adelante Andalucía
"Expats running out of time to secure post-Brexit rights- new deadline warning", Express, 01 | 06 | 2021 - Reportaje (Dylan Donnelly)
British citizens residing in France, Malta, Luxembourg and Latvia have until 30 June to register with authorities there to secure their post-Brexit rights. The Netherlands did have the same deadline, but have since extended it to 1 October. Failure to do so could lead to them losing all of their basic rights and ultimately see them deported. ... A total of 14 EU countries, including Spain, Germany, Portugal and Italy, adopted systems which automatically gave a new post-Brexit residence status to legally resident Britons.
"UK government proposes ‘votes for life’ for expats", Brussels Times, 31 | 05 | 2021 - Noticia
The British government has decided to scrap the rule that stops British people from voting in elections if they have lived abroad for more than 15 years. The measure was included in the recent Queen’s Speech... The changes will form part of the forthcoming Elections Bill...
The newly created association, AUN-Murcia (Abusos Urbanísticos No – Murcia), has submitted a petition to the Murcia Town Hall asking for a solution to the planning issues in the areas known as El Valle del Sol, Los Molinos, La Loma y Los Pinos asking “Why are we still the victims of planning abuses here in Murcia when we can see that things have improved in other Regions?” The problem houses were constructed by a promoter in the early years of 2000 and nearly 19 years later, due to planning issues, their owners, some 200 pensioners, mainly British, continue to struggle to obtain basic services such as water and electricity and still cannot register their properties at the Land Registry. ... The newly created association, AUN-Murcia, has been set up with the help and support of the ex-president of AUAN (Abusos Urbanísticos Andalucía No), Maura Hillen and the legal advisor to this association...
«“It’s wonderful to be home” say Brits returning to Spain as restrictions lift», The Olive Press, 30 | 05 | 2021 - Reportaje (Fiona Govan)
Spain lifted the restrictions on travellers arriving from Britain this week and that meant a return at long last for many of those who call Spain ‘home’. The British media concentrated on the expected hordes of “amber gamblers” predicted to flock to Spain for a holiday defying official government advice to avoid non-essential travel to destinations on the amber list. But for many of those flying into Spain this week, it was a different story. Michelle and Derek Williams were finally able to return to their villa in Spain, the place they bought for their retirement after selling up in the UK three years ago. ... The couple now face the difficulty of submitting their residency paperwork and getting their TIE cards before they risk another trip abroad. “The reason we didn’t apply for residency before the deadline was because ... convinced there would be a reciprocal arrangement so we wouldn’t have to give up our British drivers licences etc,”...
Britons living in Spain for more than 15 years will be able to vote in local and general elections in the UK and municipal elections in Spain
«‘Votes for life’ in the offing for Britons in Spain», Costa Blanca News, 28 | 05 | 2021 - Noticia
The UK government gave further detail yesterday (Thursday) on plans to scrap the ‘arbitrary rule’ that prevents British citizens from voting in UK general elections if they have lived abroad for more than 15 years. “These changes will come into effect in time for the next scheduled general election in 2024,” notes a British Embassy press release.
British citizens who have moved abroad will be given ‘votes for life’ as the UK Government scraps the arbitrary 15-year limit on the voting rights. The new measures which will make it easier for British citizens who have moved abroad to participate in British democracy were announced in the Queen’s Speech in March and confirmed in a statement issued by the Cabinet Office on Thursday. ... These changes will come into effect in time for the next scheduled General Election in 2024.
«Residency demands ‘are too strict’»Costa Blanca News, 27 | 05 | 2021 - Noticia
New requirements for Britons wanting to move to Spain – or stay for extended periods – are so restrictive that the British expat population could decline or even disappear within 10 to 20 years. This was the message from Costa Blanca town councillors this week, who said Britons may choose to retire to less demanding countries such as Portugal.
"British expat warning: UK pensions may not generate 'sufficient income' for EU visas", Express, 27 | 05 | 2021 - Reportaje (Connor Coombe-Whitlock)
Pension income from UK schemes may not generate "sufficient income" for some EU countries and this could impact residence visas according to new analysis. Britons who wish to take up residence in an EU country must now demonstrate that they, and their dependents, have sufficient income and not be a "burden on the state". ... The Government has also confirmed a person can carry on receiving a UK state pension if they move to live in the EU, EEA or Switzerland and you can still claim their state pension from these countries. The state pension payments will still be increased each year in the EU in line with the rates paid in the UK. Additionally, retirees will also be able to count relevant social security contributions made in EU countries to meet the qualifying conditions for a UK state pension.