Boletín OEG de Prensa, nº 412

Boletín de Prensa del Observatorio Europeo de Gerontomigraciones

Nº 412, 16 de abril, 2021

European Observatory on Gerontomigration Press Bulletin

#412 (16 April 2021)


"British expats face Brexit tax nightmare as red tape hampers EU residency claims", Daily Express, 11 | 04 | 2021 - Reportaje (Simon Osborne)
Gavin Scott of the Algarve office of wealth-management consultant Blevins Franks said becoming tax resident in another country was something property owners needed to beware of as new problems linked to living abroad began to emerge. He said a new central database and “smart borders” system will be introduced to track the entry/exit movements of third-country nationals into the EU Schengen zone next year, ensuring how many days spent in a country will not go unnoticed by the tax authorities. ... "Although it is possible to reclaim tax if you end up paying in both countries, it will have a significant impact on cash flow and will be an expense for accountants to recover.” ... Spain has denied threatening to deport British citizens who have made Spain their home without legalising their presence but the rush for residency papers during the pandemic and confusing Brexit rule changes mean some EU expats have been denied access to healthcare, jobs and bank accounts.
"Expat warning: Expert tells Britons in EU to have paperwork in order or face chaos", Daily Express, 10 | 04 | 2021 - Reportaje (Alessandra Scotto di Santolo)
After Brexit, European citizens living in the UK have been urged to apply for the settlement scheme in order to be able to stay. Likewise, British citizens living on the continent have been warned not having the correct paperwork could prevent them to stay in their second homes abroad. Michael Lewars, director at William, warned: “The difficulties facing some British expats in registering as being resident in Spain illustrates just how important it is for people to have their paperwork in order post-Brexit. ... if expats do not register for the health service in Spain and prefer to use private healthcare, this could mean they may be missed off the country's list of vaccinations. ... Speaking to The Times Jeremy Morgan, from pressure group British in Italy, said many Italian officials are unaware of what rights British residents are supposed to have. ... Britons living in France have until June to apply for either a residency permit or French citizenship.
Jane Parker and Gill Pethick praise the organisation of the local vaccination campaign and report no serious side-effects. As the COVID vaccination campaign continues throughout the Valencia region, this week was the turn of the 64 and 65-year-olds.
Many UK passport holders who are resident in Spain are anxious to obtain information about when they are likely to receive their Covid-19 vaccination. They have seen the situation in the UK speed up dramatically, whilst the Spanish health system, whilst doing its best, is much slower.
"What expats need to do to get Covid-19 vaccine in Spain", The Olive Press, 08 | 04 | 2021 - Reportaje (Fiona Govan)
Since first embarking on its vaccination programme last December Spanish authorities have always been very clear that jabs will be available to everyone living here regardless of their nationality, legal status or how they access heathcare in Spain. But because of the decentralised nature of Spain, each of the 17 semi-autonomous regions have their own health authority which are in charge of how they roll out the plan to get everyone vaccinated. ... For those who are already registered within Spain’s public health system and access it via their local Centro de Salud, then things are pretty straightforward wherever you live in Spain. ...for those who are not in the public health system, either because they are not entitled to it or because they have private health insurance, then you will have to register and the process depends on where you live. Here’s what we know so far, thanks to information given out by the British Embassy...