Boletín OEG de Prensa, nº 464

Boletín de Prensa del Observatorio Europeo de Gerontomigraciones

Nº 464, 2 de febrero, 2024

European Observatory on Gerontomigration Press Bulletin

#464 (2 February 2024)

The pensioner was left baffled after he was given just a week to fork out the massive bill.
La Seguridad Social permite que si se cumplen ciertos requisitos, los pensionistas y jubilados puedan cobrar la pensión contributiva mientras viven en el extranjero. ... a comienzo de cada año, les exigirá que demuestren que “siguen vivos” para acreditar que la pensión llega a la persona correcta y no hay fraude... la fe de vida ... debe presentarse por parte de la persona que recibe mensualmente la pensión contributiva que le corresponda: jubilación, incapacidad permanente, viudedad, orfandad o en favor de familiares. ... alrededor de 100.000 personas este 2024.
Labour and Liberal Democrats expected to reap benefit from franchise rule changes and frustration over visa restrictions
"Voting rights for expats", Majorca Daily Bulletin, 19 | 01 | 2024 - Opinión (Jason Moore)
...expats are affected by decisions made by the British government and the electorate... Labour and the Liberal Democrats have never really pushed for expat voting rights because there is an assumption (which is totally wrong) that most expats would vote Conservative. The general impression in Britain is that expats are living a life of luxury in the sun and because they allegedly have money they would vote conservative. Not the case. ... It would have been far better for the British government to call for extended voting rights for expats in Spanish elections.
"Is democracy dying?", Sur in English, 19 | 01 | 2024 - Opinión (Jennie Rhodes)
British citizens are now able to register to vote in UK general and by-elections. Of course, this comes eight years too late for those who were unable to vote in the 2016 Brexit referendum
"Brexit-regretting expats are ready to punish the Tories", iNews, 19 | 01 | 2024 - Opinión (Paul Waugh)
Labour is actually planning to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 and can expect to draw on support from the youth vote. The Tories were accused of hoping that the new influx of expat voters, many of them older people, would shore up their own seats. --- for this election at least, the upshot of the changes may be a classic case of unintended consequences for the Conservatives. Unlike the traditional image of expats being typical Tories, the Brexit referendum radicalised many of them against the party, with many becoming Remain supporters. Moreover, expats appear unhappy with Rishi Sunak’s changes to visa rules for spouses and other policies. It’s perfectly possible that giving them votes for life could end up fuelling a backlash against his Government at the next election. ... few expect a large number of the new eligible voters to make a huge difference in individual seats. ... the real story behind the Tory changes is not so much about electors, but about the way the law now allows overseas residents to donate huge sums of cash to British parties.